Colour & Technical Services

We can’t promise you a perfect life but we
can promise you perfect hair. 

Starting at
Root touch up $60
Full colour $70
Partial Highlights $85
Full-Highlights $110
Keratherapy Express $195
Keratherapy Permanent $295




To lighten the hair.


fading from dark to light.


Indicates the lightness or darkness of the hair’s shade.


level is based on a ten-step scale with 1 being black, and 10 being lightest blonde.By judging the color level of the hair your colorist is able to choose which color shades will work best to give you the desired results, and whether you’ll need to pre-lighten the hair in order to achieve the look you want.




The sub-colour that indicates the warmth or coolness of the hair color. Red, orange, and yellow are all warm tones, while blue, green, and violet are cool. It is used to describe the finish of a shade. By correctly judging the natural tone of the hair color, the colorist can avoid unfortunate results in coloring the hair.


A hair color that is applied on damp hair for 3-10 minutes. Toners are a great way to cancel out yellow tones while lightening. Also they give you the desired hair color effect when lightening


The strength of a color tone. For example, “Strawberry blonde” and “Fire Engine” are both red tones with significantly different intensities.


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